Waterproof enough for a day on the water, but lightweight enough for when the temperature passes 20C, the Zhik INS100 strikes a fine balance.

The Zhik INS100 came in handy during a day testing inflatable dinghies in Lymington

It’s not hard to find a sailing jacket that can serve multiple purposes, but if you want complete protection from spray in high temperatures, combined with excellent breathability, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the Zhik INS100.

Designed in Australia, where the mercury is normally on the right side of 20C, this lightweight sailing jacket will keep the spray off without turning you into a sweaty mess, thanks to the breathable soft mesh lining.

Cool enough to wear over a T-shirt and under a lifejacket at temperatures of up to 20C, the Zhik INS100 was a useful option to have during a two-day RYA Start Sailing Course and a day testing inflatable dinghies for our sister title Practical Boat Owner.

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The Vecta fabric is perfectly waterproof, with the taped seams particularly welcome, and Zhik’s technical quality is never in doubt, with experience kitting out Olympic and Volvo Ocean Race sailors.

However, despite its ‘street-style’ slim fit, the rustly exterior means that the INS100 is not ideal for general social wear. That’s not to say the INS100 is lacking in style, with subtle black on black branding and orange accent colouring.

A choice of three zipped pockets means you won’t lack in storage options, while the overall high build quality meant my black INS100 showed no signs of use after a three-month test (Platinum and Navy colours are also available).


The lack of a hood was particularly noticeable when summer showers rolled in, though. If you want that, you’ll need to pay £70 extra and upgrade to the INS200.

The relatively high RRP of £129.95 means this is unlikely to win fans among non-sailors, but for those who want a lightweight summer sailing jacket, the Zhik INS100 is just the ticket.

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