Backpacking For Photographers

In recent years, national parks and other popular nature photography destinations have become increasingly crowded and potentially frustrating, with some even requiring reservations. With so many photographers crowding the parking lots and trailheads, perhaps it is time to skip those roadside locations and head deeper into the wilderness for a backpacking-based photography adventure. While I think of myself as a […]

Photo Of The Day By Zeralda La Grange

Photo By Zeralda La Grange Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Still Standing” by Zeralda La Grange. Location: Lake Martin in Louisiana. “I have been using infrared to capture the beauty of swamps and marshes in South Louisiana,” explains La Grange. “I captured this scene at Lake Martin.” Want to get your images in the running for a Photo of […]

Greek Orzo Salad

If you are looking for a delicious salad full of flavor and packed with different textures, then this Greek orzo salad is for you! Vegetables and arugula drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette combine to make the most delicious and refreshing taste! Salads are delicious at any time of year, for any occasion, and there are enough recipes out there that […]

Adapt To Earth’s Topography

Spectacular landforms appear in every corner of the Earth. Where water meets land, gorgeous arrays of sea stacks and beautiful sandstone arches abound. New landforms are created every day as volcanoes erupt and change topography by the minute. Deserts with spring and summer wildflower displays, majestic mountains, sprawling canyon overlooks, rainforests with waterfalls, rolling hills with old-growth forests and more […]