Photo By Harry Lichtman

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Winter Coat” by Harry Lichtman. Location: White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire.

“I had been working to capture this cascade in New Hampshire’s White Mountains during the various seasons, but winter had proven the most difficult,” explains Lichtman. “A sudden snow can obliterate the surrounding boulders or a stretch of cold weather will reduce flow to a trickle or freeze them up before snow falls. This year, I finally managed to get to the falls after the first snow of the year. The beauty of the first snow is that often the underlying colors of the landscape can bleed through for a splash of color amongst the snow. A dusting of snow had decorated the falls the day before, so I returned the next day for this image when the underlying rocks, moss and boulders were covered with snow. Ice had grown near the cascades overnight, so a considerably more wintery feel than just the day before.”

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