We have ended up in Sutera Harbour Marina for the duration of the worldwide lockdown and to be honest we can’t think of a better place to be…


The rules keep changing, but we are safe, secure and remote from the worst of it, as this week’s episode shows.

Before anchoring up for the foreseeable future, we enjoyed one last night and day of freedom at anchor off the beautiful island of Pulau Tiga, a tiny man-made resort off the coast of Sabah, Borneo.

And we also had the little matter of an extremely ill Millie to deal with. She is now on her fourth vet who has taken a blood sample and given her an ultrasound scan to get to the root of her weight loss.

As for Sutera Harbour Marina, it’s the poshest marina we’ve ever moored in with three large hotels, five swimming pools, restaurants and even a rooftop bar – all of which are closed!

We can’t even exercise outside of the marina – the only reason we can leave is for shopping. But as places to be stuck go, it could be much worse…

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